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This is currently a special order item, but don't let that stop you from ordering one!


Designed for the 2019+ Subaru Forester (Wilderness trim included), the AlteredAWD FWSG2 mount makes it so you don't have to drill holes into your dashboard/interior or use heavy duty adhesive to mount your ScanGauge 2 OBDII monitor. This mount is constructed of sturdy and durable 3D printed Nylon PA12 and easily mounts to your driver side window defroster vent, while still keeping it functional for defrosting.


Includes 3M adhesive for securely seating the ScanGauge 2 on the mount. Just unclip your vent trim piece and use the supplied square nut, button flange screw, washer, and 2mm hex key to install the FWSG2 onto the vent trim, then pop it back in. Done!


Designed and Assembled in the USA

3D Printed in Italy

ScanGauge2 Defroster Vent Mount - 2019-2024 Forester

  • 3D printed Nylon PA12 dyed black

  • Due to the 3D printing process, turnaround for this item is 10 days plus shipping time. It's totally worth it!

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